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Welcome to the Knowlegebase. This section covers some of the most frequently asked questions and encountered issues. If you do not understand some of the wording in this section please let us know how we may improve it, your feedback is valuable to us.


Configuration Settings

To setup your email client to check your POP3 email box use the following settings:

Incoming server:
Outgoing server:
Your username is your full email address (i.e.
Outgoing server port: 587

Visual Step-by-step Guides:


Webmail allows users to check their email from any computer by using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Our webmail system is located at The Webmail portal also allows users to setup vacation messages/auto-responders, check their spam filters, whitelist or blacklist addresses and turn on forwarding for their email.

I forgot my password.

Please call us to reset your password.

How do I configure a vacation message/auto-responder?

Vacation messages and auto-responders are managed through the webmail interface. To access webmail, go to and login using your full email address and password. The next screen will take you to your Inbox. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see a menu. Expand the "Mail" folder by clicking on the + sign. Click on "Filters". Click on "Vacation" in the right-hand menu. The next screen will allow you to compose your autoresponse. Click Save. You will return to the Rules List where you can click on the red X to turn it to a green checkmark. Your autoresponder is now functioning. To disable it, just click on the the green checkmark to turn it to a red X.

Dealing with Spam and Viruses

Our email services come with server-side anti-spam and virus protection. Incoming emails are scanned and scored by an automated program before they are delivered to you. Spam filtering works by analyzing the originator, the path and the content of the email for certain patterns and flags. The message is assigned a score which reflects how likely it is to be spam. Depending on how conservative your filter settings are, messages that fall within a certain range on the spam score will be filtered out and placed in a special folder called Junkmail (located in webmail). Messages that are definitely unwanted spam are sent to the Discard folder (also found through webmail). The filter settings are adjusted by the system administrator, if you are receiving too much spam or the filters are catching legitimate messages too frequently please contact us to adjust your filter settings.

To ensure you will always receive email from certain senders you may add them to your Whitelist. Login to webmail at and go to Mail > Filters > Whitelist. Use the Blacklist to specify email addresses you do NOT wish to receive email from. Email from Blacklisted addresses will automatically be deleted.

Messages that contain a virus are automatically discarded. Depending on your email configuration you will be notified when someone attempts to email you a virus. By default, these notifications are turned on. If you do not wish to receive notifications please contact us to adjust your settings.

Even with virus protection on your email we strongly advise you to keep an up-to-date antivirus application running on your computer as email is only one method of attack.

Forwarding Email

Forwarding will automatically send emails sent to your address to another email address of your choosing. To turn on forwarding or adjust settings, go to webmail. From the menu on the left go to Mail > Filters > Forwarders.


I can receive email but I can't send email.

  1. Check your configuration settings. Make sure you are using as the outgoing mail server.
  2. The outgoing server requires authentication. This setting is usually found under the "Outgoing Server" tab.
  3. Depending on what ISP you are using for your internet connection they may require you to use their outgoing mail server rather than your domain's mail server. Kilauea WebWorks uses port 587 to work around this requirement. In the advanced settings of your email configuration change the outgoing mail server port to: 587.
  4. You may be experiencing problems with your firewall, check your internet security/firewall settings to ensure your email client has internet privileges.
  5. If none of these considerations has resolved the issue please contact us for assistance.

I can't send or receive email.

  1. Double check your configuration settings. Did you enter your full email address as you username? Do you have the correct server addresses?
  2. Check your firewall or internet security program, is it blocking access to the internet for your email client?
  3. If neither of the first steps have resolved the issue please contact us for assistance.

Someone said they emailed me but I never got the email.

  1. Our email services come with server-side anti-spam and virus protection. The email could possibly have been caught by the filter as spam. To check your pre-delivery spam filter, login to webmail through The next screen will take you to your Inbox. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see a menu. Expand the "Mail" folder by clicking on the + sign. Expand the "Inbox" folder and check both the Junkmail and the Discard folders for the wayward message. To ensure that email from certain addresses will always be delivered you can add addresses to your Whitelist by going to Mail > Filters > Whitelist. Alternatively, you can Blacklist addresses that you do not wish to receive email from.
  2. Your mailbox may be over-quota. Each standard address comes with 250MB of data storage. If you are allowing old messages to build up on the server you may exceed your quota. Delete unwanted messages and attachments to free up space. If you require more storage space, please contact us for assistance.
  3. Your client-side spam filter may have tagged the message as spam, check your email program's spam folder.