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Kilauea WebWorks, specializes in managed hosting and administering of high-end, high-profile web sites for both corporate and small business customers. We've tailored our services to meet the needs of developers and more advanced users, taking advantage of the latest in hosting technologies and continuously upgrading the tools, programs and options available to our hosting clientele.

We provide anything from basic HTTP-hosting, to DNS services for your custom domain name, eMail routing, POP3/SMTP services, discussion and announcement mailing lists, mailing lists, surveys, auto-responders and the latest in software development kits.

Our goal is to put all available tools at your disposal and encourage you to use them in such a way as to maximize the exposure of your site and convert your audience into repeat visitors. Reliability, speed, and responsive customer service are our cornerstone.

Our services are customized to your particular needs, prompt and personal in nature. We are not here to build a thousand-customer hosting service - instead, we prefer to build a community of sites, corporate and individual alike, that consistently fulfill their goals and are able to take advantage of all that the web has to offer.

Visit our services page to find a package that suits you or your business. We offer a unique service with your needs in mind so if you don't see a package that fits, contact us so we can build a custom suite that works for you.

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Bud Carlson
owner, sales & marketing

Teri Carlson
accounts and billing